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Another travel merger as Excursiopedia buys Travelatus

0 19 December 2013
Munich-based Excursiopedia has bought fellow travel company Travelatus, which is based in Moscow. The value of the transaction has not yet been disclosed but a source close to the company has confirmed that it is a six figure sum.

According to Excursiopedia’s website the main goals for the merged entity are

  • To become the market leader in any form of local activities: e.g. sightseeing tours, surf school training, concert advertisements etc.
  • The acquisition of skilled employees. Founder of Travelatus, Valentin Dombrovski, will be working to advance the company in the international market.

Travelatus founder and CEO Valetin Dombrovski -

"We have been watching each other’s progress. It was becoming clearer that, in many ways, we were moving in the same direction with our service of “smart travel.” We were offering the same services, just on different markets. Excursiopedia came to us with an offer. As we are a small team, we realised that it would benefit us to join Excursopedia's larger team. Now Excursopedia can benefit from our experience working with foreign partners as it tries to expand abroad. The potential value of the combined companies is, in our opinion, not less than $1 billion."

The travel start-up market is increasingly becoming more crowded and has already attracted more than $250 million of investment. This isn't the first merger this year - in August Oktogo acquired in a deal which could ultimately be worth $1.2 million, and the merged entity was recently relaunched as a new 


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