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TMT Investments Fund have reinvested in Attendify

0 5 March 2014

TMT Investments have invested $200 thousand in the form of a convertible loan into KitApps Inc. The transaction was completed on February 24th 2014. In July last year, TMT Investments invested the same amount into KitApps after assessing the value of their company to be $3 million.

KitApps Inc are a Ukrainian start-up, with headquarters in San Francisco. It develops app design platform Attendify, which allows clients to create apps for conferences, exhibitions and other events. Attendify provides a comprehensive guide to activities, as well as a social platform for users to share their experiences and photos from an event in real time or to conduct personal correspondence with other users via the built-in messenger.

Now startup clients include major companies such as Google, Bloomberg, Disney, Philips, Autodesk, AOL, Cisco and others. The biggest partner of Attendify as of February this year was the largest online market for ticket sales, Eventbrite.

Source: Rusbase

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