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Russian mobile internet users on the rise

0 11 April 2014

According to a report compiled by “Yandex” called “Internet in Regions” the number of people using the internet on a mobile device increased by 1.5 times in 2013 to 25.5 million users. The quantity of users grew by a record 8.7 million people throughout the year. Now in the cities, more than 100,000 people older than the age of 12 browse the internet on smart-phones and tablets.

The highest growth of a mobile audience was recorded in the Urals and in Moscow, where the number of users increased by 69% and 64% respectively. St. Petersburg saw a rise of 62%, and the Far East and the Central Federal District saw an increase of 58%.

According to the service, Yandex.Metrika, the most popular mobile platforms in Russia in February 2014 were Apple iOS and Google Android: 86% of users used these systems to use the internet on their smart-phones and tablets. The share was split with iOS taking 45% and Android taking 41% of users.

The report said that, more often than not, mobile internet use is more common in economically developed areas. In metropolitan areas, according to Yandex, users are 2-3 times more active than the Russia’s average.

Altogether in Russia, there are 66.5 million internet users older than 18 years old, writes Yandex, citing from the data by the fund “General Opinion” in Autumn 2013. These people use websites more than once a month, and compile 57% of the total adult population of Russia. 53 million Russians use the internet daily.

Searches on mobile devices via Yandex are on the rapid increase, as reported in their annual report. In 2013 they made up 14% of all searches, while in 2012 they had 10% and 2011 had 6%. In addition to this, mobile advertising contributed to a little over 10% of Yandex’s profits, or about 4 billion rubles. According to “Sberbank,” the search engine’s revenue from the year from sales of mobile advertising has doubled.

However, the rapid growth of mobile search queries has a negative effect on the profitability of Yandex. Yandex has been co-operating with more partners than other conventional sites because it does not yet have its own platform. Therefore they have to enter into a partnership agreement to promote their services with phone makers. Due to the large number of Yandex’s partners, their advertising profitability may be somewhat lower than on the conventional web.


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