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Russia Wins 5 medals at Robot Challenge 2014

0 8 April 2014

At the RobotChallenge competition 2014, held in Vienna at the end of March, Russian participants won a total of 5 medals.

The RobotChallenge is one of the most competitive robot science competitions in the world, and first took place in 2004. In 2014, there were 574 robots from 46 countries, competing in 15 disciplines.

Russia was represented at RobotChallenge by St. Petersburg’s lycee No. 239 and Moscow’s school No. 2017. The trip was sponsored by DPI, IKT and LEGO’s robot technology sphere. Participating in Vienna with 6 disciplines, the Petersburg team managed to win 4 medals: one gold, two silver and one bronze.

In the Air Race category, where the robot creations have to be able to fly around in circles, the team from Petersburg passed two checkpoints with their standard quadrocopter Parrot Ar.Drone with two cameras and built in stabilisation. The main preparation for this part of the competition was programming.

In the Freestyle Exhibition discipline, SummerGardenBot took second place. It was assembled from the designer, Lego Mindstorms NXT, using special navigation sensors and 3D-sensor Carmine.

The creations used for this project are also used for the upkeep of the statues in the St. Petersburg Summer Garden. Robot rangers are able to detect contamination of the statues have a special brush to clean them.

Finally, in the discipline for Puck Collection (where the robots have to collect small disks and sort them by colour), LuckyBot came in 3rd place and was compiled on the designs of Lego Mindstorms NXT.

In addition, the Petrenkos from the Moscow region Dolgoprudni, came 2nd place in their first appearance in the Hack the Robot discipline. Participants in this competition demonstrate their own development based on free software and the hardware platform, Arduino. Petrenko competed with the robot Eyeduino from the Moscow school No. 2017 and entered into the final of the Sumo competition.

Winning 5 medals, Russia was able to take 5th place in the overall standings behind only Poland, Latvia, Italy and Mexico. According to the coach from St. Petersburg, Russia could have sent more teams but unfortunately there was a lack of sponsorship.


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