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New bill proposed to amend the law for attracting foreign IT professionals

0 15 April 2014

The Russian government haс made the decision to amend the state law regarding “Amendments to Article 132 of the Federal Law; about the rights of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation.” The bill was drafted by the Ministry of Communications within the framework of the “strategy of development of information technologies in the Russian Federation for 2014-2020.” It aims to improve the business environment of Russian IT companies and allow them to attract highly skilled foreign professionals under а simplified procedure.

The bill was introduced today at a meeting of the Russian Ministry of Communications by its head, Nikolai Nikiforov. He said “improving the business environment for IT companies is something the ministry want to focus on, in order to develop the IT industry.”

According to the proposed law, IT companies will soon be able to attract highly skilled foreign specialists under this simplified scheme. The bill proposes to establish a minimum wage threshold for such professionals at $27,000 per year. This measure is planned to also be extended to all companies accredited as falling under the IT category by the Russian government. Today there are 3397 such companies.

The minister noted that the current rules to work in an IT company make it difficult to attract highly skilled foreign professionals; the threshold salary is $54,000 per year and therefore too high for the employer.

Nikiforov says “the proposed measure does not focus on the number of professionals involved, but to ensure their high quality and the ease of which IT companies can provide the necessary training.”

The minister also assures that the bill will not affect the conditions of employment of Russian IT specialists, as IT companies are currently experiencing an acute shortage of staff.

The bill has been agreed upon without any problems by the Russian Finance Ministry, has passed the public debate and is supported by the representatives of the IT industry.


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