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Urban Russians use 11 apps mobile apps per month

0 10 December 2013

Mobile phone users in major Russian cities are using, on average, 11 applications on their phone per month. However, this figure also includes the use of standard phone services such as calling, texting and taking photos. This was reported at the TechCrunch Moscow conference by research company TNS Russia.

Excluding these basic applications, the average Russian mobile phone owner under the age of 25 will use 5 apps per month.

The most popular mobile apps among users aged 12-24 years old are VKontakte, Instagram and Yandex. Users aged 25-34 years old dominate the usage of Youtube, WhatsApp and VKontakte. Older users tended towards Yandex, Skype and popular search engine, Google.

Almost 70% of Google mail, search and Google Talk users are male. More than 80% of VKontakte and Instagram users are under 34 years old. Frequency of use of these services is 18 and 15 days per month respectively.

If you consider not only the app use itself, but also the use of these services through the mobile browser, the most popular sites are VKontakte, Facebook and YouTube.


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