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Indian Smart-phone Manufacturer Promises To Take Russia By Storm

0 17 January 2014

On January 24th, Indian manufacturer Micromax will begin selling their smart-phones and tablets in Russia; hopefully taking the market “by storm”. Shortly after, they will enter and hopefully conquer other European markets.

 The company has already hired 10 of Russia’s top business managers and are planning on opening a local office.

 Rahul Sharma, one of the founders of the company, “Times Of India,” has said, “I promise that we will take Russia by storm. We are going to prove that an Indian company can succeed globally.”

 Micromax has primarily been selling in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In these countries Micromax is selling more than other famous Western smart-phone brands. According to IDC, in the 3rd quarter of 2013 Micromax was the second most popular smart-phone manufacturer in India with a share of 17%; just ahead of Samsung.

 Sharma has confirmed, “We want to start with Russia as we expand on a global scale. As soon as we have a stable position in their market, we will start selling in other countries in Eastern Europe. Russia will serve as our gateway to Europe.”

 The company’s flagship product is a smart-phone called the Canvas Turbo. The device runs on a Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A7 and comes with Android OS, v4.2.1. The phone has a 13 MP camera and it is possible to use 2 SIM cards at the same time.

 Alexander Malis, president of the company “Evroset” has told CNews that Micromax won’t be able to sell their phones through his company straight away. Malis also pointed out that “In the Russian market you won’t be able to sell a large amount of phones straight away. You really need to invest in the market for a few years first.”

 Micromax are still experiencing some difficulties. The Times of India has noted that smart-phones from Indian manufacturers rarely receive updates. Rahul Sharma told the publication that Micromax are aware of this issue, and over the next six months they plan to significantly improve their level of after-sales service.



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