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Moscow Metro wifi proves very popular

0 16 November 2013

On Monday, the Department of Transportation and Development of Road Transport Infrastructure reported that more than 500,000 passengers used the free Wi-Fi made available on the Kakhovska metro line in Moscow for two months. The largest number of Wi-Fi users was recorded between 9-13th September.

According to the Department of Transportation, there were 196 concurrent connections to the network at any given time. The total number of users in October reacher 7150.

The Kakhovka subway line was equipped with Wi-Fi on September 1, 2013 .

Every day, passengers were downloading 10 GB of data on average. More than 98% of metro users use smart phones and tablets, with less than 2% using portable computers. However around one third of all traffic created on the network was by users wanting to listen to music and watch videos online.

The Moscow Metro held an auction to decide which company would be placing and subsequently be operating the Wi-Fi network on all subway lines. Maksima Telecom plan to have completed all of the work by autumn on 2014. The test mode of the Kakhovska Line will be completed by December of this year, with Wi-Fi also available on the Circle Line.

In January 2014 - at Sokolniki, in February - at Kalinin, in April - on the Arbat-Intercession and Zamoskvoretskaya lines. In June - Kaluzhsko-Riga-and Tagansko Krasnopresnenskoj, in August - by Fili, in September - at the Serpukhov-Timirjazevskoj , Lublin-Dmitrov and Butovskaya lines.

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