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The YotaPhone: Better than one, two screens are?

0 9 December 2013

St. Petersburg-based Russian mobile phone company Yota have released an innovative new smartphone featuring not one, but two screens. The mobile broadband provider, founded in 2007 by Scartel LLC, caused quite a stir when it unveiled the first prototype of the YotaPhone in December of last year, but has now revealed that it is available to buy online in Russia, Austria, France, Germany and Spain. However, those in the UK and other European countries eager to get their hands on one (priced at €499) will have to wait until after Christmas.

The YotaPhone's defining feature is, of course, the two opposing touch-screen interfaces: one, the regular LCD as found on most smartphones, and the other, a unique and more simplistic E Ink display. This second E Ink screen is constantly on, displaying the time and a rolling stream of incoming notifications and messages which allows the user to stay informed without even having to pick up their phone. This, Yota claims, will not only help to preserve battery life with use of the low-resolution E Ink rather than LCD, but will also make you more productive, ie. less likely to get distracted by scrolling endlessly through news feeds.

Though the dual screen has been criticised as nothing more than a gimmick by some, the E Ink screen has received praise as a pioneering concept in the ever evolving smartphone industry. So much so, that even Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is using one! (But he isn't going to throw away his iPhone just yet...).

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