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"100 new users per second" for Durov's Telegram messenger

0 28 February 2014

Telegram has gained almost 10 million new users, tripling its daily audience to 15 million. The increase in registrations began soon after Facebook's purchase of the world's most popular messenger: WhatsApp.

Telgram, the mobile messenger developed with the support of 'Vkontakte' founder Pavel Durov, has gained around 10 million new users over the past 4 days, Telegram's director of marketing Marcus Ra tells Vedomosti. The peak connection period for the messenger was last weekend, when the service reported on its Twitter account that "This is crazy! We are getting 100 new registration every second. Trying hard to prevent connections issues in Europe."

It later tweeted that 4.95 million new users signed up in one day, making Telegram the most downloaded app in 48 countries. 

Earlier, Durov told Vedomosti that since its launch in August of 2013, Telegram had been downloaded 10 million times, and that it's daily audience stood at 5 million people. Now the daily figure stand at 15 million, and it's growing fast. 

Telegram Messenger was created by the non-profit foundation Durov Digital Fortress, which also leases the project's data-processing centre in the US. Telegram uses MTProto, designed by Nikolai Durov for its data exchange protocol, with the service operating on both iOS and Android mobile systems.

Telegram was designed with the international market in mind, and it hasn't even released a Russian language version yet. At present, according to Ra, the Russian audience stands at 30,000 users per day, less than 1% of its entire user base. The most active users of Telegram can be found in Latin America, Europe, India and countries in the Persian Gulf.

The sharp increase in user downloads began at the end of last week, not long after the revelation of Facebook's purchase of WhatsApp, currently the world's most popular messaging service. The deal cost Facebook a record $19 billion. Within a couple of days of the exchange, Whatsapp began to have technical issues: users weren't able to connect to the messenger via the iOS and Android applications. Company representatives reported that the malfunction was related to service failures. Soon after these problems began to arise, Telegram experienced its own issues- it wasn't able to cope with the huge influx of new users. “We were expecting around 1 million users a day to begin with, 5 million is just insane”, Telegram tweeted on Sunday. group's three messenger services ICQ, and myChat also experienced an influx of new registrants, group representative Ksenia Chabanenko reported, but no details were given.

Sergei Kravtsov, founder of messenger service 4Talk, commented that 

“This so-called “protest” registration is being witnessed across the market, we've received a lot of interest in trialling our service 4talk. It shows that users are now prepared to try out, get to grips with and switch over to a new system of communication."

Source: Vedomosti

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