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Telegram: The Durov brothers' latest project draws in 100,000 users a day

0 30 January 2014

Over the past weekend, mobile messaging service Telegram has been signing up around 90-100 thousand new users every day, almost twice as many as they had been receiving beforehand. Its founder, Vkontakte's Pavel Durov told H&F that

“It's unlikely that this is linked to our recent deal with Vkontakte, Russia represents no more than 4% of our registered users. On the whole, this increase is due to a few accumulating factors. The most important of these has been to continue developing the application further, not just sitting back, dusting our hands off and admiring its general awesomeness.”

Though there has been quite a hype about 'Telegram' in European countries such as Spain, some of the most active users are found in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the Yemen.

On Friday, the news was released that in December 2013, Pavel Durov had also sold his remaining 12% of shares in the social network VKontakte to Ivan Tavrin, head of Russian mobile network 'Megafon'.

Source: Hopes & Fears

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