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Russia Convicts Its First Internet Pirate

0 24 February 2014

Anton Yelyesin, a resident of Naberezhnie Сhelny (a town in Tartarstan, Russia) has received a sentence of 2 years probation for the violation of internet authors' rights- reports Russian newspaper “Kommersant”.

The case against Yelyesin was put into action by the Russian Anti-Piracy Organisation (RAPO). 21 films that violated authors' rights were found on ,a torrent portal created by Yelyesin. The sum of the damage caused by the distribution of these films was valued at 17.5 million rubles (£296,328), however, the sentence only cites 3 examples: “Titanic”, “Operation Y” (a popular Soviet film) and “The Hangover 3”. The legal rights to these films would cost around 2.1 million rubles (£35,559).

Before this, the RAPO had also managed to make a case against the creators of the torrent tracker, partners Andrei and Nadyezhda Lopukhov. In October 2013 the pair were given a four year suspended sentence, however they have contested the ruling and the case is now being appealed.

The RAPO has continued its persucution of internet piracy since the recent anti-piracy law came into force, “We welcome any legislative initiatives against piracy, but at the moment have to give priority to criminal investigations to discourage others”, states the organisation.

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