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Is Russia prepared to pay? - Spotify could be up and running in Russia by Spring

0 1 February 2014

Spotify, the popular music streaming service, will finally be able to get up and running in Russia.

A vacancy was posted on Linkedin for a “Head of PR – Russia” in the company's Moscow office. In addition to press liaisons, Spotify's new PR man or woman will have to deal with crisis management and negotiate with record labels.

The company demands a lot of the potential candidate, (they should have established contacts with journalists and prior experience of managing a PR agency) whilst also promising work within a “team of professionals, as experienced in technology as they are in the music business”.

The potential launch of the service in Russia was immediately confirmed by two PR agencies. According to one, Spotify has now announced a tender for PR support and despite not having announced an exact deadline, it's entirely possible that Russians will be able to enjoy legally streaming music through the service by Spring.

However, this is not Spotify's first attempt to crack Russian cyber-space. According to Nikolai Kononov's book “The Durov Code”, the service first tried to go through Vkontakte founder Pavel Durov:

“When Spotify's Daniel Ek… approached Durov suggesting a collaboration, he was turned down.“We have several times more songs than you do, it would not be profitable for us”, snapped Durov. Ek, realising he wasn't getting anywhere, said goodbye and stepped back into the gold-plated elevator.”

But the question remains: are Russians prepared to actually pay to listen to music legally?

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