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They're here, they're beer, get used to it!

0 6 February 2014

Scottish brewers BrewDog have created a brand new blend called “Hello, My Name is Vladimir”, a double IPA bearing the stylised portrait of President Vladimir Putin. With this product, the official website states, they hope to draw attention to the restrictions of personal freedom occurring in Russia today.

This is not just a hollow protest however, the company has pledged to give 50% of all profits made from the new brew to charitable organisations fighting for the rights of oppressed minorities the world over. What's more, BrewDog hope that a case of the protest ale will have already arrived as a present for the Kremlin in Moscow. The rest of Russia will be able to buy a bottle for 166 rubles (£2.93).

The statement is reminiscent of the Dutch crisp company that last year used Putin's visage to front packets of 'Dictator-Chips', satirising and drawing public attention to modern day dictators.

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