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First Fund With Focus on Quantum Technologies

0 11 December 2012

Sergey Belousov, an entrepreneur and a senior partner of Runa Capital, along with professors and scientists from Harvard University, MIT and Purdue University launched a new fund Quantum Wave.

The fund is aimed to invest in startups that are applying quantum materials and technologies to develop new materials and quantum devices. Despite the fact that quantum technologies seem to be a rather complicated issue, they are easily applied to solving some vital problems: data mining, solar cell bataries, sub-micron transistors, high-frequency optical electronics, quantum encryption security, telecommunications.

Thus, the fund's mission is to help the companies capitalize on their opportunities and provide a platform for the investors to participate in the quantum technology wave. Quantum Wave Fund focuses on seeking out early stage private companies with breakthrough quantum technology. The companies seeking the investment should have a product prototype and will come through an R&D stage. It is essential for the companies to be focused on the global market.

Quantum Wave Fund is still fundraising, so it drives the opportunity for investors to participate in developing the products of the future.

The fund's team is composed of physicists who are also experienced entrepreneurs with a proven track record in company development and operational successes (two ventures from few million to over $1 billion in revenue, 7 ventures from zero to over $100 million, 7 over $10mln revenue). 

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