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Intel Capital in Russia

0 18 July 2013

Intel CapitalToo often international investors shy away from investing in Russia because of negative perceptions. Intel Capital, however, is an example of an international fund that in the last ten years has invested in thirteen Russian projects. 

In an interview with East-West Digital News, Intel Capital's President Arvind Sodhani and Strategic Investments Director Marcin Hejka shared their vision on the Russian market and their criteria for investing. "We started looking at the Russian market in the late 1990s, and the Yandex deal was a great experience and, as you know, a huge success", they explained.  

In Russia, Intel Capital work with e-commerce and software companies, explaining that their focus is on market development investments, to help accelerate technology adoption. "As you know, a lot of Russians are highly educated in mathematics and the sciences and so software development is a natural thing."

Having recently celebrated ten years of activity in Russia, Intel Capital now have a team in Moscow: "Russia combines a dynamically growing domestic demand with very high skills that can create innovations". Intel Capital have established themselves as one of the most active high-tech foreign investors in the country and plan on expanding even further. 

You may read the full interview and find out more about Intel Capital and its investments in Russia at

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