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Russian online travel sector registers 49% annual growth

0 21 October 2013

Alex Zaretsky, the CEO and founder of Travelata, had been planning to make a report on the Russian travel sector for a long time. Our report “Russian travel startups - a bubble waiting to burst?” proved to be the stimulus he needed to get round to doing it. Here is his response. 

Alex Zaretsky is the CEO and Co-founder of Travelata. In 2011 Zaretsky, along with co-founder Stanislav Satsuk, launched a site to sell day trips. They later expanded the project, offering a wide range of tours to the mass market. 

In July 2013 the company raised $5 million from MCI Management. 

We are glad that our report provoked a response, and are always happy to publish alternative opinions. 

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