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Yandex contributes to $4.1m round for Israeli startup SalesPredict

0 15 May 2014

Yandex has teamed up with KGC Capital to invest $4.1 million in Israeli startup SalesPredict, which uses predictive analytics to help sales teams find and rate potential customers. 

SalesPredict combines analysis of past transactions with data from Google and Yahoo APIs, public social profiles of people in companies and data from Alexa and Zoominfo, to grade potential clients from A to D, with A being the most likely to make a purchase.

It then uses its data to offer guidance on the best way to pitch to the customer, identifying their pain points, vertical and buying persona, so that salespeople can direct their attention to the right people in the right way. 

In a statement Yandex commented that

“As we try to increase our capabilities and skills beyond search we are looking to learn from the experience of other projects in the big data sector. We think that SalesPredict’s technology will help us to do this.”

The exact terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

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