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0 26 December 2013

I was very surprised to read last week that Odnoklassniki, the social network network belonging to Group, had been named Russia’s “most popular” social network by consulting company Gemius. Statistics about Odnoklassniki’s popularity have always baffled me. I’ve lived in Russia for 18 months now and I have never been asked if I have an Odnoklassniki account. Indeed, I’m not sure I know anyone with an Odnoklassniki account. And yet, according to Gemius 54.3% of Russian internet users are registered on the site.

I got some clarification from my teenage pupils, who explained that Odnoklassniki is “for old people” - i.e. their parents. I suppose many young Facebook users wish that such a network existed for their parents’ generation in their country too…

Anyway, Gemius subsequently admitted their mistake. The most popular social network in Russia is, of course, VKontakte ( to which 68.9% of Russian web users have signed up. is also the most popular social network in Ukraine, where it is used by 61.3% of web users compared to the 29% registered on Odnoklassniki, while in Belarus also leads with 57% of the total audience. 

Gemius’s research also found that Yandex, which is used by a massive 84% of internet users, is comfortably the most popular site in Russia. is very popular in Kazakhstan (82%) while Google (62%) leads the way in Belarus. 

Internet penetration is highest in Belarus, where 72% of the population use the web, compared to 57% in Russia, 54% in Kazakhstan and just 50% in Ukraine. 

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