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Free IT-places at Russian universities to increase by 34%

0 20 February 2014

In 2015 the number of free places for IT-students at Russian universities will be increased by 34%, as the government seeks to encourage more bright young people into the sector. 

In Russian state universities a certain number of places on every course are free and are awarded to the brightest students (and also to disabled young people and former children’s home residents). Competition to obtain these places is often high, as non-budget places can cost a few thousand dollars per year - a significant sum for many Russian families. 

The Education Ministry recently confirmed that in the academic year 2015-2016 the number of free places in faculties connected to IT will be increased by 34%. The Ministry has also increased the total number of places on IT-related postgraduate courses. It announced that “IT and Computing” MSc places had been increased by 74%, “Information Systems and Technology” places by 208%, “Applied IT” places by 191% and “ICT and Communications” places by 202%.

Increasing the number of IT graduates is a priority for the Communications Ministry, which oversees the Russian IT-industry. If the department’s ambitious plan for the sector is to be fulfilled it reckons that the industry needs another 350,000 new IT professionals, and it wants universities to provide 150,000 of these. 

At the moment Russian universities produce 25,000 IT graduates every year, but only 15-20% of these are actually capable of quickly taking up roles in the IT industry, meaning that companies still have to invest heavily in the further education of their staff. 

The Russian venture industry is likely to welcome the Russian government’s increased focus on IT education - in a recent report put together by EY Russia and RVC a number of leading investors said that the government must do more to train tech professionals. 

However, Group’s Press Service told RusBase that simply increasing the number of IT places is not enough.

“It’s important to remember that at the same time the courses themselves must be modernized and adapted to employers’ requirements, and a wide range of young professionals need to be persuaded to teach them. Group invests considerable resources and experience in the creation of courses for university students. At present more than 40 of our employees regularly teach at Bauman Moscow State Technological University, where they teach more than 140 students on a two-year program.”

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