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"Russian entrepreneurs are great!" - Adeo Ressi

0 10 January 2014

Adeo Ressi, thinks that Russian entrepreneurs are great, and he should know! As CEO and Founder of The Founder Institute, the world’s largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program, Adeo personally knows founders from all over the world.

However, his enthusiasm for Russian entrepreneurs isn’t only based on personal experience. The Founder Institute gathered data about 15,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world to try and identify which characteristics are good predictors of entrepreneurial success. 

The study found that the number one predictor is fluid intelligence, which Ressi defines as “the measurement of your ability to learn a rule set and apply it very quickly”, and it turns out that Moscow entrepreneurs have the highest fluid intelligence in the world. In other words - they have the potential to be some of the world’s best entrepreneurs.

However, Moscow’s scores in other categories prevented it from making the top-5 cities for overall entrepreneurship. Russian entrepreneurs display average openness, a measure of open-mindedness and cultural sensitivity, but significantly below average agreeableness and emotional stability. 

You can watch Adeo’s whole Keynote presentation at TechCrunch here, while he also talks about the data in the interview at the top.  

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