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The Russian apps markets now #10 in the world

0 19 December 2013

The Russian mobile apps market was the 10th largest in the world by revenue in 2013, according to a report published by app analytics site Distimo

While Distimo did not release exact figures for individual markets, their data showed that the Russian market was worth around 7% of the total value of the US market. 

While Russia’s market is only the tenth biggest, its growth rate of 125% is the fourth fastest among the top-10, behind South Korea, Japan and China. 

The report also indicated that Russia’s app market looks very similar to the US market, with iPhone and iPad apps representing around 35%, and Google Play apps making up the remaining 25%. 

However, the Google share is likely to increase as a result of Russia’s ongoing smartphone boom. J’son & Partners Consulting estimate that 17 million smartphones have been sold in Russia in 2013, an increase of 41% on 2012. However, smartphones still represent just 43% of the total mobile market, suggesting that there is room for further growth. 

The Russian paid app market is dominated by gaming which, according to a report published by EY, Ewdn, comScore and Tvigle, currently represents 97% of the total. According to data from game developer Game Insight 38 million Russians used mobile devices for gaming in 2012 and that figure is likely to rise to 65 million by 2016. 

Aleksey Astafiyev, director of research and analytics at Group, is also convinced that the sector will continue to grow. He says that “in the next few years growth is only going to get faster, approaching the levels currently seen in the leading Asian markets.”

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