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And the region with the fastest internet is... Siberia!

0 14 January 2014

This infographic (click to enlarge) from “Russia in Figures”, a soon-to-be-published collection of enlightening infographics covering all aspects of Russian life, brings to life the dramatic proliferation of the web in Russia. 

Much has been made of the fact that Russia now has the biggest internet audience in Europe. Of course, as Russia’s population is twice as big as every European country bar Germany, this is not a great surprise. 

However, what is particularly impressive is the speed at which the internet has been rolled out across Russia’s enormous territory, and also its reliability, download speed and affordability.

One of the UN development goals is that the whole world should have internet access for less than 5% of average monthly income. The featured map shows the download speeds you can get for $15-20, which is around 3% of average monthly income in Russia. Both speed and affordability are also improving at triple digit rates in most of the country. 

The map also highlights the disparity between regions. Outsiders might be surprised to see that overall Siberia offers the fastest internet for $15-20, but it is less surprising that the sparsely populated Far East lags way behind the rest of the country. The most impressive annual increase in speed is to be found in the South. However, a recent report highlighted that many small towns and villages there remain without a connection to the net.

The other point graphically shown is the potential for growth - just 55% of the adult population use the internet. This is sure to increase, meaning that the net will play a bigger a bigger role in Russian life. 

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