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Russia to get 'internet ombudsman'

0 26 May 2014

Russia could get an ‘internet ombudsman’ in the near future, according to a Kremlin source that spoke to Russia newspaper Izvestiya

The role will involve defending the rights of all those with a stake in the sector and organising meetings between sector-representatives and the relevant ministries. The source clarified that:

“Our country lacks intermediaries - independent individuals capable of ironing out differences between two parties. For this reason the internet ombudsman’s main role will be as an intermediary able to mediate on issues including pirate content, censorship, extremist content, the blocking of sites and social networks and regulation.”

At the moment it is not known how the ombudsman will be chosen. The President currently chooses the ombudsmen for human rights (Ella Pamfilova), business (Boris Titov) and children’s rights (Pavel Astakhov). However, the decision could also be taken by a specialist committee made up of sector representatives. 

The Kremlin source did not name any individuals in connection with the role, but TJournal believes that Elena Kolmanovskaya, a co-founder of Yandex, might be a potential candidate. Another figure currently acting as an intermediary between internet business and the state is Echo Moskvy's Aleksey Venedictov.

Source: TJournal

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