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Welcome to Russia, the land of free wifi!

0 7 February 2014

Free public wifi at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport whirred into action at the start of this week, just in time for thousands of travellers heading to Sochi for the Winter Olympics. 

At present wifi is available throughout most of the passenger terminal, including the check in area and waiting halls, and also at the domestic flights departure gates. At international departure gates wifi should be working in the near future. Unlike at many international airports, there is no time limit and so passengers can enjoy the free service for as long as they like. 

This means that Domodedovo has at last caught up with Sheremetevo, Moscow’s other major airport, which has been offering free wifi since 2007, and Vnukovo, which set up free wireless internet for passengers in 2012. 

The expansion of free wifi is not limited to Moscow’s airports. The process of enabling wifi across Moscow’s metro system is now well under way. In September it was made available to passengers on the Kakhovskaya Line. Then, on December 25th wifi went live on the Koltsevaya (Circle) Line. In its first month over 12 Tb of data were transmitted.

Wifi is to be phased in gradually, with internet access being added to all the lines by the end of September 2014. The total cost is estimated at $150-200 million. Maksim Telekom, which operates the service, is currently considering how to make it profitable, and mobile advertising is a likely option. 

Source: CNews, CNews

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