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Russia up to 13th in global education rankings

0 13 May 2014

Russia has climbed 7 places to 13th in the Global Index of Cognitive Skills and Educational Attainment 2014, which compares the performance of 40 countries’ education systems. This dramatic improvement (only Israel rose more places) takes Russia ahead of the USA and Australia, and puts it just 0.01 points behind Germany. 

Russia performs particularly well in the cognitive skills category, which is based on the latest reading, maths and science scores from PISA (Grade 8 level), TIMSS (Grade 4 and 8) and PIRLS (Grade 4) tests. Russian schoolchildren ranked 9th globally, ahead of the USA, Germany, Poland and Denmark. 

However, Russia only ranked 21st in the educational attainment category, which is based on the national literacy rate and graduation rates at upper secondary and tertiary level. This suggests that while Russia’s education system works well for bright students, enabling them to excel, it does not cater so well to less gifted students, who are less likely to complete their education. 

The list was dominated by East Asian countries, with South Korea in first place, followed by Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Finland remains the leading European country in 5th place overall, but it has dropped 4 places since 2012, when it was ranked 1st. 

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