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RusBase's Russian site moves to

0 5 December 2013

If you’ve been using RusBase for some time you’ll probably know that the project has two websites, and is the English version. The Russian version used to be called StartupAfisha, which reflected the project’s initial role as an events calendar for the startup community (an afisha is a list of events you might find outside a theatre or cinema).

The project grew and added lots of other services. Then, after attracting a $3 million investment from Black Ocean in late 2012, it was rebranded RusBase and the English language site was launched at 

However, until this week the Russian site continued to operate at, which was a bit confusing as the name RusBase became more widely known. To solve this problem, and reflect the breadth of services on offer, the Russian site has moved over to Maria Podlesnova, our CEO, explains the move:

Why not

Basically - because we made a big mistake. When we registered the domain we didn’t register Within a month it had been taken by a tourism centre near Astrakhan. Check it out if you must… 

In Spring 2012 we called the centre’s manager and asked if we could buy the domain. But the man on the other end of the phone said “we can’t sell our site because we’ve already ordered lots of adverts in the city with this name.” Oops... 

We tried again a year later, this time trying to buy the domain officially through, but we couldn’t afford the price they set for it. So we gave up trying to get, and now I’m glad that we did!


When I recently travelled to New York I realised that I had been very narrow minded about this - it was always .ru or nothing - and so I never even considered other domains. We could have gone for .co, but .vc seemed the best option to me. After all - RusBase is about the present and, more importantly, future Russian venture market.

RusBase is a brand, a project for and about the Russian venture market, and from now on it will be available to Russian users at will continue offering services to international investors and entrepreneurs who want to familiarise themselves with Russian startups and the local venture sector. 

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