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Putin gets a big pay rise but still earns less than Obama

0 14 April 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given himself a massive pay rise. According to a decree signed into law this week, the President’s salary will be increased by 2.6 times (a 160% rise). Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has also got a 160% raise. 

According to Vedomosti, last year the Russian President's salary officially amounted to $95,000, while Dmitry Medvedev was paid $75,000. However, according their income tax returns, filed last week, Putin’s total income was in fact $106,000 compared to Medvedev’s $120,000.

Last autumn a bill was passed significantly increasing the salaries of government deputies, who will be on around $144,000 per year from September 2014 (up from $55,000 in 2012). However, it did not mention the salaries of the President and Prime Minister, and the decision to increase their salaries to $275,000 and $195,000 respectively was only taken this week. 

In comparison, Barack Obama is paid $400,000 per year as President of the US, while Angela Merkel picks up $388,000 as German chancellor and Herman van Rompuy gets $504,000 as President of the European Council. 

While Putin’s salary still trails behind the the US and German presidents, he will now earn more than Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, who earns $228,000 per year and French President Francois Hollande, who is on $178,000. 

Sources: The Kremlin,

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