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Pavel Durov's 7 reasons to stay in Russia

0 12 March 2014
Having sold his 12.5% stake in Russia's most popular social network VK, Pavel Durov has millions in the bank. His new messenger service, Telegram, is growing rapidly worldwide. He could live anywhere in the world, but he's got no plans to leave Russia. This post, which he put on his personal VK page yesterday, explains why. 

Europeans, many of whom have to hand over more than half of their income to the government, can only dream of Russian tax rates. You’ll only find a 13% flat rate income tax in Russia.

Russians are the best in the world in a wide range of fields, from programming to figure skating. To produce such talented people is Russia’s greatest achievement. 

Russia has a greater quantity and diversity of natural resources than any other country. These resources are a bottomless well of sustenance for many generations to some. 

As someone who has spent plenty of time outside of Russia, I can confirm that the proportion of beautiful girls in Russia is noticeably higher than in most other countries. 

If you think that in other countries you can just jump from a bridge in the city centre or dive from a buoy at the seaside, you will be disappointed. A ‘creative’ attitude to restrictions is a national trait.

Many people pay lots of attention to all the things that aren’t yet developed enough in Russia. However - all of these things represent opportunities for new projects and companies that aren’t found in other countries. 

Russia gave the world dozens of great writers, architects, composers, artists and scientists. These people have left a cultural legacy from which we can draw our inspiration. 

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