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YaKlass raises $450,000 to help teachers tackle copying

0 12 February 2014

Spisivanie – copying your neighbour’s answers - is one of the banes of my teaching life. Whether it’s a listening test, a vocab test or a grammar exercise, some of my pupils invariably copy, making it very difficult to assess how much they actually know. 

Help, however, may be at hand. Yaklass, an edutech startup which launched its site in March 2013 offers online tasks in Maths, Russian Language and IT, as well as preparation tests for Russia’s EGE state examination for school leavers. 

There’s nothing particularly special about that - but here’s the twist. YaKlass uses technology based on Latvia-based GenExis Education to generate different combinations of questions, so that every student has to complete a different task. That means that they can’t copy. The service claims to currently offer over 2 million unique variations. 

The service is already used by over 23,000 school pupils across Russia, and it has just raised $450,000 from Almaz Capital, Vesna Investment and Pavel Kovsharov

According to YaKlass founder Valeri Nikitin the money will be spent on developing on B2C (business to consumer), B2G (business to government) and retail sales. The startup is also known to be preparing for a Round A "after the spring exams". 

Maybe then they’ll start offering English exercises too. That would make my day. 

RusBase recently published an infographic report on the edutech sector in Russia, while in cooperation with we are putting on a conference titled "EdTech Russia 2014 - Monetization of online education" on 20th March. 


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