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Russian pupils will be able to specialise in IT at school

0 20 March 2014

Russian school pupils will soon be able to specialise in IT, thanks to a new plan put forward by the Communications Ministry. 

In most Russian schools pupils choose a specialization for their final two years, such as humanities, natural sciences or mathematics, but now the Communications Ministry would like to add IT to that list. 

Pupils choosing to specialise in IT will take extra maths classes, as well as receiving practical training in programming, coding and other related disciplines. 

In addition to the option of specialization for older pupils, more IT clubs will be organised for 10-15 year olds and the Communications Ministry also wants to create a non-profit organisation to develop and promote school Olympiads for IT whizz kids. 

A pilot program implementing the Ministry’s plans will begin in 10-30 Moscow schools in September 2014. 

Communications Minister Nikolay Nikiforov explained his department’s plans to colleagues at the Education Ministry earlier this week:

“Today we have started to put into action our project to improve IT-education in schools. Programmers are like sportsmen - you need to work with them from the earliest age possible. I think that offering an IT-specialization, with teaching from experts in the field, is possible in Russian schools.” 

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