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Contextual ads service eLama raises $800,000

0 14 April 2014

Contextual advertising company eLama has raised $800,000 from ImpulseVC in return for a minority stake in the project. 

eLama aims to make it much easier for clients to launch contextual advertising campaigns, and it offers a special service for first time advertisers. One of its main selling points is that it allows clients to place contextual advertising on Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords and at the same time.

The company, which turned over $6 million in 2013, is aiming to increase annual turnover to $90 million by 2018. While this may seem ambitious, eLama’s Aleksey Dovzhikov points to contextual advertising’s current share of the total sector - currently 22%. This is the same level as in the US in 2006, and it suggests that there is significant room for growth. 

ImpulseVC’s Vadim Dyakov explained that 

“eLama fits extremely well into our current portfolio. Not only is it oriented towards non-professional users and advertisers, its existing user base of 1500 clients is growing fast. We looked at some other similar solutions, but they were more complicated and less flexible.”

ImpulseVC’s founders include the creators of, a hyperlink-selling service. eLama confirmed that it plans to integrate its two platforms eLama Easy and Optimal.eLama with Sape’s link-exchange in the near future.   

Source: RBC

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