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Dostami/eBay deal lets Russians order from any US eBay retailer

0 22 May 2014

eBay and (formerly BayRu) have announced a new partnership that allows consumers from Russia and the former CIS to make purchases from eBay retailers that don’t offer shipping to the region. 

According to the agreement, Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian and Central Asian buyers will have their purchases delivered to a virtual address in the US, from which Dostami will forward it to the buyer’s actual address. Russian consumers will also gain the opportunity to save on shipping costs by combining multiple purchases from different retailers in one international delivery, provided by Dostami. was initially founded in order to allow Russians to buy on eBay. When the American company opened access to its API, was among the first to take advantage. Anton German, who founded the company in 2007 with his brother Evgeny while the where studying in the USA, explains that:

“We were not a partner of eBay - we just went through their certification procedure and integrated with the site, which allowed us to provide a Russian-language eBay interface. We then did the same with Amazon.”

In 2009 turned over less than $1 million, but revenue grew quickly, exceeding $5 million in 2011. According to Kommersant’s list of the top 200 Russian online retailers, turned over $45 million in 2013, putting it in 72nd place.

Vladimir Dolgov, general director of eBay in Russia, is excited about the partnership - 

“ is already in the top-3 Russian sites for online retail and we entered into discussions with Dostami with the goal of making those purchases more straightforward. We constantly meet with our buyers, so we know the kinds of services they would like to have access to. Surveys indicate that the number one priority for Russian consumers is to increase the number of US retailers offering shipping to Russia. Second most important is making shipping more convenient - namely facilitating shipping from multiple retailers in one delivery. Our partnership with Dostami will allow us to meet both of these needs, making it a very important development for Russian online retail.”

As a result of the partnership Dostami expects the number of orders it ships to the CIS to increase fourfold in the next six months.


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