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The biggest, richest and best of Runet

0 20 January 2014

League tables have become a fact of life. We need to know who is the best, the richest, the cleverest, the strongesт. This infographic (click to enlarge) from “Russia in Figures”, a soon-to-be-published collection of enlightening infographics covering all aspects of Russian life, brings to you the best of the Russian internet.

There is a caveat though - Runet is a fast changing sector, and this is not based on the most up to date information, so while it's an interesting overview, please bear that in mind. 

It’s no surprise that Yandex and Group are Russia’s top-2 internet companies by revenue, with annual income more than double any other Runet firms. 

E-commerce companies dominate the rest of the list. Perhaps surprisingly, domestic appliances store Utkonos ranks third, followed by Wildberries (fashion) Ozon (general retail), Holodilnik (appliances) and KupiVIP (fashion). However, Ozon is on the up, as is fashion retailer Lamoda (which doesn’t feature on the list), and according to more recent figures Ozon is actually the #1 e-commerce site, while Lamoda ranks fourth (behind Wildberries and Utkonos)., despite being Russia’s third most popular site, is down in 10th place, below Moscow coupon site BigLion.  

RBC Media (8th overall) is the leading online media group, while Game Insight (=18th place) first for games. Notice is the highest ranked software company, with $90 million annual revenue. 

Interestingly, the biggest employer is Utkonos, with 5000 employees. Yandex employs just 3500, while Group has just over 3000 staff. 

The infographic also covers the top Russian investors in the internet sector. 

Alisher Usmanov, Russia’s richest man, tops the list with his stakes in Group, Facebook, Twitter and Alibaba. Yuri Milner, who controls DST, also has a big stake in Group. 

Yandex founder Arkady Volozh’s 60% stake in the firm is enough to put him in third place. The only woman on the list are Tatyana Bakalchuk, the founder of Wildberries, and Alisa Chumanenko, who founded Game Insight.

Fund managers and founders near the top of the list include FINAM’s Viktor Remsha, Leonid Boguslavski of ru-Net and Runa Capital’s Sergei Beloussov and Ilya Zubarev

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