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Internet companies increase TV-ad spending

0 19 March 2014

In 2013 internet companies spent $57 million on TV advertising, which corresponds to 1% of the total. While this is still a relatively small share, it represents a significant increase in a short space of time. In 2008 web companies’ advertising spending made up just 0.1% of the total. 

These figures are based on data gathered by Kwendi RusMediaAudit, and refer to spending on federal channels. 

The biggest spender on TV advertising in 2013 was classified ads site Avito, which paid out $7.3 million. Online automobile retailer was in second place, having spent $6.9 million last year. Matfei Ziryanov,’s chief executive, confirmed that Kwendi’s figures were accurate and commented that “TV helps us secure the broadest possible reach”. 

Internet giants Yandex, and Google complete the top-5 spenders, although TV continues to take up a small percentage of their total marketing budgets. 

Google’s Svetlana Anurova said that although people are spending more and more time online compared to the time they spend watching TV, the company must bear in mind that people still spend a significant amount of time in front of the box.

A Yandex representative explained that TV remains an important way to tell millions of people about Yandex’s products, especially as advertising tends to have more of an impact when consumers view it on multiple platforms. 

A spokesperson for commented that the bulk of the company’s TV-advertising spending goes on the group’s online games. TV marketing of online games is a fast growing sector, according to Kvendi RusMediaAudit's managing partner Dmitri Kuraev, who pointed out that, the creator of the popular World of Tanks game, has already spent $2.8 million on TV advertising this year, compared to $5.1 million in the whole of last 2013. 

Source: Vedomosti

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