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Moscow IT students would prefer to work for Yandex

0 22 April 2014

Yandex is the most desirable IT-sector employer among students and young IT specialists, according to a survey carried out by headhunter SmartStart. Of the 450 individuals surveyed, 52.3% are Moscow State University (MSU) students, while 26.1% attend the Moscow Physics and Technical Institute (MFTI) and 12.1% study at Moscow State Technical University (MSTU). 

36.5% of respondents said that they would like to work for Yandex, compared to just 10.7% for and 8% for Google. However, was the most popular potential employer among students of MFTI, where has sponsored a department for the past three years. Earlier this year also started supporting a department at MSU and it remains to be seen whether this will increase the company’s reputation among students there.

While this is good news for Yandex, it is perhaps surprising that so many students did not choose any internet company as their preferred employer, which suggests that the sector still isn't that appealing to young people despite its rapid growth. 

52% of respondents indicated that salary was the most important factor in choosing their future employment, while just 24% say that interesting tasks are important to them. 26% said that working in a good team was important, while 14% were concerned about their hours (they prefer a flexible schedule).

Source: Roem

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