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Yandex buys Russia's #1 movie database KinoPoisk

0 16 October 2013

Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine, has bought KinoPoisk, which plays a similar role in the Russian-speaking world to IMDb in English-speaking countries. 

Yandex Head of Media Services Dmitry Stepanov explained that the company intends to use KinoPoisk's huge database of information about films, serials, actors and directors, along with over 100 million ratings and tens of thousands of expert and user reviews, to create a video recommendation service. He pointed out that:

“more and more often, consumers are turning to the Internet to get ideas on what movies and TV shows to watch. In order to provide high quality answers, we need to have deep knowledge of the subject matter”.

Yandex will acquire 100% of the service by buying out French group AlloCine's 40%, as well as the 60% currently held by the site’s co-founders Vitaly Tatsiy and Dmitry Sukhanov. While the total sum involved has not been confirmed, earlier this year KinoPoisk was valued at around $50 million. 

According to comScore, KinoPoisk is Russia’s 16th most popular site, with 18.6 million monthly visitors. 

KinoPoisk co-founder Vitaly Tatsiy was also very positive about the deal. He is convinced that “Yandex’s vast resources and technological expertise will help us bring the recommendation service to a new level, extend its capabilities much more quickly and reach more cinema fans on a wide range of devices and platforms.” 

Source: Techcrunch

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