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RusBase among the winners at the Runet Awards

0 25 November 2013

RusBase has won the Startup Navigator of the Year prize at the 10th annual Runet Awards ceremony. The awards, which are like the Oscars for the Russian internet, were given out on Thursday at RIA Novosti’s International Multimedia Press Centre. 

RusBase’s prize was shared with information portal Hopes and Fears and The Runet’s “Startup Myths” project. The jury praised RusBase for creating an innovative tool for investors and entrepreneurs. After receiving the award, RusBase CEO Maria Podlesnova explained that - 

"When we were younger, we all wanted to win a Runet prize. We grew up and got to work, and now the prize has found us. This is a prize for our whole team - for patience, a responsible approach, the desire to help and to do things well. Personally, the thing that has made be happiest has not been the award from the committee (although I am really grateful!), but the response from RusBase’s friends, whose calls and messages I’ve received over the past few days. This shows that the public agree with the jury’s decision, and that is the most important thing. Now we’ve got to work even harder, to justify our laureate status!"

The prizes were divided into 6 general categories:

  • Science and Education;
  • State and Society;
  • Health, Entertainment and Leisure;
  • Economy, Business and Investment;
  • Culture and mass media;
  • Technology and Innovation;

and four specific ones:

  • A Secure Runet
  • Startup Navigator of the Year
  • Innovative Moscow
  • Best children’s site

It was a successful night for a number of major media organisations, with RIA Novosti, Moskovskie Novosti, independent TV company Dozhd (Rain) and VGTRK - Russia’s largest state-owned media corporation, picking up prizes in different categories. Group projects won a number of awards, while NGOs including the Safe Internet League, the Public Opinion Foundation and the Information Democracy Foundation also picked up prizes. 

If you know Russian, you can read a full list of winners here. However, as RusBase is a site about startups, we’d like to draw attention to some of the smaller companies rewarded for their hard work.

Zillion won a prize in the Science and Education category for its work to encourage internet users to get into the habit of studying online through its range of webinars. 

MyCallSystems, which offers callback, voice messaging and conference call services for businesses, won a prize in the “Economics, Business and Investment” section, as did Uniteller for its work to develop electronic payment systems. 

theRunet won two prizes - Startup Navigator of the Year for its Startups Myths project, and also an Economics, Business and Investment prize for, which allows individuals to register for runet-related events. 

Other information portals that gained recognition include Hopes and Fears, which provides news for a new generation of entrepreneurs, and Diletant

Bolshoi Gorod, a Moscow newspaper, won its second award in as many weeks as it followed up its triumph at PayPal’s Hackathon World Finals with an “Innovative Moscow” award. 

The Runet Awards are organised by RAEC (Russian Association for Electronic Communications) and the Coordination Centre for the .ru and .рф domains, with the support of the Federal Agency for Mass Communication. Rostelekom is a strategic partner of the award.

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