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32% of Russians planned to buy presents online this New Year

0 26 December 2013

Christmas might have come and gone around the world, but in Russia the rush to buy presents is still very much on, as presents aren’t given until New Year. While millions of Russians are still out shopping, an increasing number have already made their New Years' purchases from the comfort of their own homes, according to research carried out by TNS for eBay. 

TNS carried out an online survey of 1051 people between the age of 16 and 54 in mid-November, which found that 31% planned to buy New Years presents online this year, while 22% planned to do so using mobile devices. 

The average predicted New Year spend among respondents was a little over $500 per household, around half of which will go on presents. Women were planning to be more generous than men - they intended to give 7 presents, while men intended to give just 6. The survey also found that for men the best present is a gadget, while women most want to travel. 

Of course, online shoppers needed to make their purchases weeks ago in order to make sure that the presents arrived on time, and eBay specialists named 2nd December as the top day for making online purchases. 

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