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Luxoft wins "Best of Show" at Finovate Europe 2014

0 19 February 2014

There was a “Russian invasion” at the Finovate Europe 2014 conference, which took place in London last week.  

5 Russian companies and around 50 delegates attended the European leg of Finovate, subsequent editions of which will be held in San Jose, New York and Singapore, and one of them took home the “Best of Show” prize. 

The startups at the conference had the chance to deliver a 7-minute presentation of their product, and the winners were decided on the basis of votes cast by conference delegates, including representatives of Barclays, Ernst&Young, IBM, MasterCard and Microsoft. 

Luxoft won the top prize for iStockTrack, a user-friendly solution for tablet banking that allows users to access aggregated information about assets, financial instrument trading, investment portfolios and more. It also lets investors exchange financial data with other users and conduct in-application video conversations. 

The iStockTrack slogan is “Banking Technology is Child’s Play”, and to prove it the team invited a ten-year old boy to show that he could use the app with no great difficulty. The watching delegates were won over, and iStockTrack became the first Russian project to win the prestigious award. 

As well as Luxoft, Life.SREDA portfolio projects and MyWishBoard also presented at the conference. 

Life-Pay enlisted Elena Spirina, a former Miss Ukraine and now the owner of events-agency Merry-Go-Round, to tell the audience how she used, and (all of which are run by LifePay CEO Vyacheslav Semenchuk) to launch a new business project selling fashionable women’s T-shirts. Within an hour of going on sale 3000 t-shirts were sold, with more than 80% of orders made from mobile devices. 

The MyWishBoard pitch was delivered by the startup’s “Chief Dream Officer” and “Marketing Fairy”, which was enough to capture the audience’s attention. The company’s business model, which allows friends and family to contribute funds to ‘make dreams come true’, prompted delegates to describe the project as a new “Pinterest + AmazonWishList.”

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