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Inmarsat, the UK company that tracked MH370, enters the Russian market

0 28 March 2014

Inmarsat, the London-based satellite communications company famous for providing the data that tracked missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 to the southern Indian Ocean, has set up a daughter company in Russia. 

The daughter company, called ‘Isat Global Express’, was formally registered on 31st January in order to represent Inmarsat in Russia and allow it to sell its ‘Inmarsat 5-Global Xpress’ services on the Russian market. 

Inmarsat offers a range of satellite voice and data services to clients in otherwise inaccessible locations. Accordingly, much of its revenue comes from the aviation, military and maritime industries. Its soon-to-be-launched Global Xpress service will offer satellite broadband with speeds of up to 50mbps. 

Inmarsat has already been serving Aeroflot indirectly, via Swiss company OnAir, which has been providing the Russian airline with on-board communications services in partnership with Megafon since 2010. However, last year it decided to enter the Russian market in its own right. 

Michele Franchi, the Vice-President (commercial) of Global Xpress, explains that 

“We entered discussions with the Russian Communications Ministry in 2013 about bringing Inmarsat 5-Global Xpress to Russia. We consider Aeroflot an important potential client, and I am sure that our direct presence on the Russian market will allow us to meet the needs of major clients in the best possible way.”

He added that the company is yet to conclude a deal with a satellite communications operator in Russia, but that discussions are ongoing with a number of local companies. 

Source: ComNews

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