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All-in-one fitness bracelet maker Healbe's crowdfunding tops $700k

0 20 March 2014

St Petersburg-based startup Healbe has raised an impressive $718,000 on crowdfunding site Indiegogo in the past fortnight. The company, which is developing a calorie-counting bracelet, was only aiming to raise $100,000, and with 27 days still to go until the end of its funding period, it could raise much more. 

Healbe, a resident of the API Moscow startup incubator and a portfolio company of Starta Capital, is developing an all-in-one fitness bracelet that can measure cell glucose levels through your skin, allowing users to track how many calories they have consumed and spent. In addition to this it also measures pulse, sleep patterns, blood pressure and hydration and sends all this data to the user’s smartphone. 

In order to attract funding, Healbe is offering users a range of incentives, many of which have already sold out. All 400 GoBe bracelets (pictured) offered at $125 (RRP $299) have gone, as have another 500 at $154 and 1000 at $189. The company has also sold 250 dual packs (two bracelets) at $245 and 125 quad packs at $485. These people will receive their GoBes as soon as they become available (probably this June). 

With the cheaper option sold out, funders wanting to get their hands on a bracelet now have to commit $199, and 361 people have already done so. However, as yet nobody has stumped up the $16,000 required to take advantage of Healbe's offer of an all-expenses-paid 4-day trip to St Petersburg where they will meet the Healbe team.

It's cause has also been helped by a number of foreign tech magazines that have picked up on the idea, including TechTimes and Softpedia

Healbe was founded in 2012, and since then it has raised $2 million to develop the technology behind the project, create iOS and Android apps and employ an Italian company to design the bracelet itself. Last year it won the prize for 'Best seed-stage startup' at the Web Ready conference in St Petersburg. 

When asked to explain why the project had attracted so much attention, Healbe CEO Artem Shipitsin explained that 

"It's currently not possible to find a single device capable of automatically measuring calorie intake, tracking any physical activity and also recording pulse, pressure, sleep, stress and hydration levels. In order to keep track of all these you would currently have to spend $600-700 on a range of devices. That’s why there is demand for our product." 

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