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Corporate Venture Capital in Russia now worth over $1 billion

0 6 December 2013

Around the world Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) has been a key part of large companies‘ strategy to remain competitive in a changing market for more than 40 years. However, in Russia it remains a relatively new phenomenon. 

The Innovative R&D Club, which brings together company directors from the science and innovation sector, surveyed major Russian companies about their attitude to innovation in general, and specifically, to CVC. They were supported by the Russian Venture Company. 

Their findings are displayed in the infographic below, along with data from 2012 for comparison. The results indicate that, while many corporations are yet to fully embrace innovation, the concept of CVC is now widely known (in 2013 all the respondents had considered it) and an increasing number of major companies have adopted venture investment as part of their innovation strategy. One striking statistic is that the total value of CVC in Russia doubled from 2012 to 2013 to over $1 billion. 

In order for the sector to develop further, perhaps the greatest need is for greater expertise and clarity about how CVC works, its legal status and greater awareness on the part of the authorities. Almost half of respondents cited a lack of information and/or specialists as the main barrier to establishing a corporate venture fund.

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