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$300k for children's iPad library KidBook

0 4 June 2014

Russian startup Kidbook, a creator and publisher of educational multimedia content for pre- and primary school age children, has raised a $300,000 seed round from a group of private investors led by serial entrepreneur Vladimir Canin. 

KidBook is working on two distinct services related to early years education. Firstly, it produces and publishes its own interactive books that can be read using the project’s app. So far it has published 17 original books and the startup plans to release another 15 before the end of 2014. 

Secondly, KidBook’s team aims to create a platform on which interactive material created by others can be distributed. At present many children’s app developers struggle to attract a big enough audience to cover their cost. By bringing together lots of educational content in one place KidBook hopes to overcome this problem. 

Vladimir Canin is impressed by both aspects of KidBook’s business model:

“While multimedia projects are gaining momentum and tablets are becoming more and more popular, there is still a distinct lack of quality, profitable apps. KidBook stands out as a project that not only offers carefully developed content, but also offers a publishing platform that allows it to be sold to an existing audience. This helped the project to break even within a year and attract investment.”

The money will be used to create more books, develop the publishing platform and market the project's services.

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