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2GIS - from Siberia to Santiago

0 10 April 2014

Russian annotated-maps service 2GIS has added Santiago, the capital of Chile, to its database. It is the company’s first foray into South America. 

The Santiago map features information about more than 30,000 local organisations, businesses and institutions, and over 300,000 locations are displayed. In order to make it accessible to Santiago’s 5.4 million inhabitants the service has been translated into Spanish. 2GIS's app works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry, as well as Windows computers. 

The company, founded by Novosibirsk entrepreneur Alexander Sisoev, is funded by advertising revenue, making it free for users. It offers map-guides of more than 250 cities in Russia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Italy, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and now Chile. It was ranked 8th in Forbes’ ‘Top-10 Russian Internet Companies 2013’. 

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